Monday, February 20, 2012

Letter O Preschool Activities

This week we met our new Alphafriend Ozzie Octopus.  We painted our own little octopi and counted all 8 of their legs! During center time we played with cheerios! They are shaped like our letter of the week! We also played shape games on 

We colored our letter Os orange for our alphabet books!

We read a few books about octopi, and practiced writing our letter Os. Then we ate an octopus for snack!

Don't worry--it wasn't really octopus, Miss Megan just cut our hotdogs to look like octopi. Funnest snack ever!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Letter T

This week, we found a tiger, a truck, Princess Tiana, a T-Rex, some tape, and our letter friend Tiggy Tiger  in our letter of the week box. Our SEEL lesson took us on a train trip to a tent in Texas. After we got off the train we tiptoed to the tent and ate a treat!

We had a terrific time during learning stations! At the teacher center we drew letter sticks out of a cup and then practiced writing the letters we picked.

At the computer station we played letter and reading games on

For a fine motor and spatial reasoning activity (with literacy to boot!) we did puzzles of things that start with the letter T--trains, tools, and trucks!

We decorated our letter Ts with trucks! We colored the letters to look like mud so the monster trucks would have a good and messy place to drive on.

It was also groundhog day! We learned a new groundhog day song:

(sung to "Are you sleeping?")
Mr. Groundhog,
Mr. Groundhog,
Are you there?
Are you there?
Will you see your shadow?
Will you see your shadow?
On this day,
Groundhog day.

Then we made little groundhog puppets on popsicle sticks  that pop out of their burrows (made from a toilet paper tube that Miss Megan had been saving for something just like this.) Silly Miss Megan was too busy helping with the groundhogs and showing us a news clip of Punxatany Phill to take any pictures. 

Letter K week

We "kicked" off our week by learning about the letter K. In our letter of the week box we found a koala, a kangaroo, a kitten, some keys, King Triton, and our alpha friend Keely Kangaroo.

We learned about the sound the letter K makes and read a story about a little kangaroo that had a really bad day. We talked about how Mommy Kangaroos have pouches for their joeys (baby kangaroos) Miss Megan gave each of us a Kangaroo Pouch. We hopped around the house and picked up pictures of things that start with K! While we hopped we sang "K! K! Kangaroo!"

Before play time we went out in the garage and Miss Megan let us kick a big ball that had Ks written all over it.

After our snack we decorated our letter Ks for our alphabet books with kiss stickers! Our shape of the day was a square, we made pictures out of squares. You should have seen our funny drawings and collages!

This week we went on our first field trip. Is there a tastier way to learn the letter K than by going to Krispy Kreme? Also our shape of the day was a circle. We saw (and ate) a lot of those!

We loved seeing how the doughnuts are made. First they rise in a big machine that blows hot air, then they get dropped in the grease, flipped over, and frosted by a waterfall of frosting. So cool. Or should we say "Kool"?

After our field trip we talked about the circle shape

Then teacher sent us home with another doughnut. Too much sugar for us? nah...


Preschool friends,

I have not been doing as well on updating this blog with all of our fun activities as I hoped I would be! From now on I will be doing one weekly post with an update of the things that we learned that week. That way I won't feel like I need to do a post on every single fun activity we do in class which was an overwhelming task that I was very behind on! ha ha. As I start now doing the weekly updates I will also try to do posts on some of the great things we've done in the past--like our awesome Halloween and Christmas parties!

I look forward to letting you know the goings on at Happy Day Preschool and hope the new format will work well to communicate to you how well your munchkins are doing!

Miss Megan

Thursday, February 2, 2012

G is for Gingerbread Man

We read the story "The Gingerbread Man" and teacher said that she made a gingerbread man for us to eat for snack! But when we went upstairs to the kitchen to eat it, it was gone! We didn't know where he'd gone so we followed his trail all over and finally found him asleep in Maggie's bed!
Teacher gave us our own ball of cookie dough and we got to make our own gingerbread cookies.

What a tasty snack!
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