Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Intro to the Alphabet--Making alphabet soup

This year we will be learning all our ABCs. To start out, we learned about what the letters are! We read some alphabet books, played some alphabet games, sang some alphabet songs, did our letter-cise exercise (that was hard work!), and made our own bowls of alphabet soup. We read the book Martha Speaks and talked about how all those letters in the alphabet soup worked together to make the words that Martha used to talk. Talking dogs are so funny!

We were so worn out after all that, we recharged by eating our alphabet crackers for snack!

To make your own alphabet soup bowl, cut out two construction paper circles (use two bowls to trace them--making one circle slightly smaller than the other). Glue them together with a glue stick. Then make dots all over your "soup bowl" with good ole' Elmer's glue. Stick on all the letters you like. Then stick on a plastic spoon and let it dry. Now you have a bowl of alphabet soup for display. Try to find all the letters of your name! See if you have the whole alphabet represented in your bowl!! *You could also try this craft with alphabits cereal (use white paper instead of orange--so it can be your milk instead of your soup.)

Preschool Rules

On our first day, we learned how we need to behave so that everyone can have a fun and safe time in preschool. We sit on the rug flat on our pockets with our legs crossed in front. Gosh, these kids are cute when they sit the preschool way!

We have 5 rules in our classroom to help us with our learning and fun.

1. Eyes are watching
2. Ears are listening
3. Mouths are Quiet
4. Hands are Behaving
5. Feet are Still

We even learned a song about it! Ask your munchkin to sing it for you!

Back to Preschool Night

On August 25th we had our open house. It was so fun to meet my new preschool friends!
We ate a snack.

We read some stories.

And we made our own Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees with the letters of our names!

A great start to a great year! Preschool is so much fun!