Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Letter V and Shapes Activities

What better week to learn about the letter V than the week of Valentine's day?
This week we decorated bags to hold all of our Valentine Party Loot!

We wrote Valentines for our Moms!

We played "family" with the dollhouse and had a lot of fun pretending and sharing with each other.

We practiced our letter names and sounds when we played with letter magnets at the reading center.

And we even made friends with our puppet visitor Virgil Vulture.

We decorated our letter V page to look like a vase full of flowers and packed for a vacation to visit Victoria during our SEEL Lesson.

At the Valentine's Day party we played a game where we took turns pretending to be the mail man and finding the Valentines that were hidden. We played hot potato with a bean bag to practice our throwing and catching skills. It was so fun we begged Miss Megan to play it over and over!

To celebrate learning our shapes we had a shape dance! Miss Megan played music for us to dance to and when the music turned off we had to find a shape to stand it. When Miss Megan counted to 3 we all had to yell the name of the shape we were in. We laughed and had the best time!

The shape dance was a big hit!