2015-2016 Enrollment Information

Preschool location: 

The preschool is located in the lower level of my home in the Castle Heights neighborhood (please contact Miss Megan for the exact address). Please have your child enter through the front door and come on down the stairs right into our classroom. If your munchkin would prefer you can escort them inside or if they’re feeling confident they can come in by themselves. Either way is fine. Parents are always welcome in preschool. At the end of our preschool day, we will come out through the front door for you to pick up your child. Please notify me of any changes in pick-up (i.e. if a relative or friend will be picking up
your child instead of you). I want to make sure everybody’s safe!

Class dates and Times

A calendar/newsletter will be sent home at the beginning of each month describing the upcoming events and other announcements for our class. Please keep this newsletter in a place where you can refer to it throughout the month as needed.

We have two sessions of preschool. A 3 day morning session and a 2 day afternoon session. 

• Morning preschool will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings. The monthly tuition of our morning session is $65. 
  •  9:30-9:40 Drop Off
  • 9:40-11:30am Class Time
  • 11:30 Pick Up—you can just wait out front and we’ll come out when we finish

• Afternoon preschool will be held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. The monthly tuition for the morning class is $55.

  •  12:30-12:40 Drop Off
  • 12:40-2:30am Class Time
  • 2:30 Pick Up—you can just wait out front and we’ll come out when we finish

Our school year begins September 1, 2015. We generally follow the Carbon School District Calendar for breaks and holidays.

Tuition and Supply Fees

Tuition is due the first week of each month. Tuition is $65 per month for the morning class and $55 per month for the afternoon class. Tuition is based on the entire school year--shorter months, spring, fall, and christmas breaks, etc. are all taken into account in the calculation of the yearly tuition cost. Payment can be made by cash or check (please make checks payable to Megan Hinckley).

• A $25 Registration/First semester supply fee is due at the time of registration. This fee is non-
refundable. It covers the cost of all supplies, snacks, field trips, and other items for the first semester, September-December.

• The $25 2nd Semester Supply Fee is due the first week in January. This fee covers the cost of supplies, snacks, field trips, graduation, etc. for the second semester of school, January-May.

Show and Tell

We will have show and tell on Thursdays. Your child is welcome to bring anything they would like (please try to limit the quantity to 1 or 2 items as it can be a temptation for them to bring the whole toy box!).

They may like to look at our newsletter and choose to bring something that starts with our letter of the week, or represents a color or number or something else we are studying. On occasion we will also have themes for show and tell--these will be listed on the newsletter. These will be outlined on the calendar. This is an important activity for youngsters to learn to talk to others, take turns, listen, and develop self esteem!

Star of the Week 

Every student will be assigned a week on or near their birthday to celebrate them as an individual.Students with summer birthdays will get a week where there are no other birthdays. When it is your child’s turn, please send a few photos or a poster of your child to hang on our wall on Tuesday of their assigned week. They can also bring a special toy or other loved item to show us. Bringing treats for birthdays is completely optional. The schedule for our stars of the week will be on the monthly newsletter.

Items Needed for Preschool

The only thing your child needs to bring for school is a backpack or book bag. This will be used to safely carry
newsletters, art projects, and other treasures to and from school.


You are the expert when it comes to your child. Anything you want to discuss concerning their preschool experience is important to me. Feel free to call me (801) 830-4352 or email me at missmeganhinckley@gmail.com. Texting is also a great way to get a hold of me, since I’m always on the go.

In addition to the monthly newsletters that will be sent home, I will be using our class facebook page and instagram (@happy_day_prek) to post pictures and announcements. To protect your privacy, children's names will not be used on any social media sites.

Back to Preschool Night

All students and parents are invited to visit the preschool and see our classroom and meet me (the very excited teacher!) on Wednesday, August 26th. It will be an open house from 7-8 pm. Come and spend some time getting to know me, and some of the routines and activities we will be enjoying this year! I even have a surprise for each of my students to take home! I am so excited to make new friends.