Friday, November 2, 2012

Preschool Ideas: Sweet Dream Spray

One of our friends brought a great invention for show and tell that we wanted to share! It's a spray that she sprays on at bedtime to keep the bad dreams away. Genius!

Preschool Halloween Party

We had a fun Halloween party with a cowgirl, a mermaid, a witch, iron man, dearth vader, a ladybug, a kitty, rapunzel, and an elephant who did not want to pose for a picture. It was a great day!

Preschool Lesson Plan: Ff is for Foot Fishy

We made these cute fishes with our footprints today. We sure giggled when Miss Megan painted on the orange paint. We have the funniest feet!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Preschool Red Day

We learned about the color red this week! These are some of the things we found in our classroom that are red!

A Great First Week!

Our first week of preschool was a complete success! We spent time getting to know each other and singing lots of songs where we got to introduce ourselves. Its so fun to make new friends.

We talked about rules and routines and how following the rules keeps us all safe and happy. To illustrate, we read our new favorite books "No! David!" and "David Gets in Trouble." That silly David is always doing something hilariously naughty. [He may have even forgot to put on his pants when he walked to school!!!] Then we made our own David puppets so we could practice helping David behave. I'm glad our preschoolers could help David out.

Here are some pictures Miss Megan snapped during centers this week:

We even helped check the chicken coop for eggs! Look what we found!

We're looking forward to next week! We start our letter of the week curriculum and our color unit!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Preschool Openhouse

Before our new school year began, I had the chance to meet our new preschool friends! What a great class we have this year! 5 cute girls and 4 handsome boys!

Everybody got to choose a book to take home and read. They also got their very own brand new box of crayons to color and write with at home!

We decorated stars and used letter stickers to spell our names!

I thank my lucky stars to be able to teach such a great group! I'm looking forward to another fantastic year!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Looking for More Friends!

We have 3 openings left in our preschool class this fall! If you know anyone who loves having fun while they're getting smarter--let them know that there is still time to sign up!

Miss Megan is getting so excited to start preschool and meet all of her new friends! We will see you soon!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Letter Review and Pattern Unit

This week we reviewed the letters we've learned so far this year. We made cookies and stamped letters on the top before we baked them. Miss Megan let us roll out the cookies ourselves then we stamped letters on the top. While they baked we watched "The Letter Factory." Then we enjoyed the cookies for snack!

We played alpha friend Bingo and had a lot of alphabet fun!

We also started learning about patterns this week. Miss Megan made this video to show us!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Letter V and Shapes Activities

What better week to learn about the letter V than the week of Valentine's day?
This week we decorated bags to hold all of our Valentine Party Loot!

We wrote Valentines for our Moms!

We played "family" with the dollhouse and had a lot of fun pretending and sharing with each other.

We practiced our letter names and sounds when we played with letter magnets at the reading center.

And we even made friends with our puppet visitor Virgil Vulture.

We decorated our letter V page to look like a vase full of flowers and packed for a vacation to visit Victoria during our SEEL Lesson.

At the Valentine's Day party we played a game where we took turns pretending to be the mail man and finding the Valentines that were hidden. We played hot potato with a bean bag to practice our throwing and catching skills. It was so fun we begged Miss Megan to play it over and over!

To celebrate learning our shapes we had a shape dance! Miss Megan played music for us to dance to and when the music turned off we had to find a shape to stand it. When Miss Megan counted to 3 we all had to yell the name of the shape we were in. We laughed and had the best time!

The shape dance was a big hit!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Letter O Preschool Activities

This week we met our new Alphafriend Ozzie Octopus.  We painted our own little octopi and counted all 8 of their legs! During center time we played with cheerios! They are shaped like our letter of the week! We also played shape games on 

We colored our letter Os orange for our alphabet books!

We read a few books about octopi, and practiced writing our letter Os. Then we ate an octopus for snack!

Don't worry--it wasn't really octopus, Miss Megan just cut our hotdogs to look like octopi. Funnest snack ever!